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Greetings from Dickie Motherwell,

Yesterday I mailed out my Tarot Deck Software program in a free, downloadable version and a few of my clients have ask for assistance with the download.  Here is the procedure for downloading and installing the 3 Card Tarot Spread.

  1. Click the download button and allow enough time for the program to download. Any computer with the ability to access the Internet should be powerful enough to download this program as it is quite small.  Anyway, give it enough time to download.
  2. When you click the download button, a window will appear and ask you whether you would like to open the program or save it to disk.  SAVE IT TO YOUR DESKTOP!
  3. After giving the program enough time to download, close the Internet and go to your desktop and find the program you have just downloaded.
  4. Double click the program and a set up wizard will appear that will walk you through the installation of the program onto your computer.  Once you have installed the program to your computer you could store this file that you downloaded in a safe place in case you ever have to re-install the program.
  5. Once you have the program installed to you computer, you are ready to do a spread.  Go to START AND LOCATE THE PROGRAM IN YOUR PROGRAM FOLDER.  Double click the program and ProTarot will open.  The first window that opens is UPGRADE information and I hope you read it but it is not necessary.  Close that information page and go to the next window which will ask you if you want to INSTALL A PACKAGE AND CLICK YES. 
  6. When the next window comes up all you have to do is ADD the 3 card spread which is in the left box to the right box and you are now ready to have some fun and do a spread.

My husband Eddie has volunteered to assist with the installation and should you have a problem, just drop me an email with your phone number and he will return your call with whatever support you might require and of course at no cost to you.  This Tarot deck is my life's work to date and it is important to me that you are able to enjoy it as I have so many years into the project and willing to do whatever for those interested in a look at my art and Tarot Deck I have created.

SUPPORT:  1-250-836-2138

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